Key Features

  • 265 types of different chords for bass, which can be easily transposed to any desired key, resulting in about 3,200 of total chords!
  • Only the best sounding chords were selected for you and are presented in this collection
  • Every chord is provided with corresponding optimal fingerings for your comfort
  • Several variations of every chord
  • Transpose chords to any desired key by dragging notes on the screen with your finger
  • Strum the strings on the screen with your finger for instant playback of selected chord
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About Bassman Chords

Play chords on your bass guitar and become a virtuoso like Jaco Pastorius, John Patitucci, Victor Bailey, Billy Sheehan, Victor Wooten, Tom Kennedy, Gary Willis and other famous crazy bassists!!! This app is a great collection of chords for bass guitar. It will become a powerful train aid for all levels of bass guitar players!

P.S. Some of the chords can be a surprise for you! ;)


0 #1 Pasternak 2013-11-01 12:34
Please consider writing a bass chord app that might be better suited to learning how to walk. Some features might include the ability to view all available tones - including open strings- of a selected chord.i Choice of note name or scale number. The ability to run a selected chord through the circle of fifths. The ability to chart my own visual chord sequences (with all available chord tones per chord) and play the visual sequence back at custom speed. The ability to change the key of a chord sequence and run an entire chord sequence through the cycle of fifths.. And the ability to write a bass line by selecting each note from all available chord tones. I would pay $100 or more for an app that does all this. :-)

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