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It is difficult to imagine a musician who would not use the pentatonic scale in his repertoire

The world’s largest bible of guitar scales and concepts from Fonexsis. This is something without which it can not do any one musician. 

Unique collection of beautiful air open string chords which differ from all other chord applications.

The only app that represents a big number of bebop scales in a very simple and visual way

Sweep slash arpeggio is sweep arpeggio which plays over slash chord

Beginner guitarists are often confused when they find a slash chord. The good part is that they are easy to understand

First full school of Swybrid Picking technique that combines hybrid picking, sweep picking, alternate picking and sometimes legato. 

THT arpeggios are included in the repertoire of many modern guitarists

Economy Picking is a whole new world of unique possibilities and technical achievements on a guitar

Arpeggio is considered to be the most outstanding lick in the world of instrumental skills

With this app you will learn more about Blues Scales than any other guitarist!

Bring original mood and exotic sounding into your music. Play your improvisations over Quartal Harmony functions

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Discover new horizons, scales, new fingerings, blues boxes, skipping strings scales and more

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