Key Features

  • 80 types of new exotic chords, which can be easily transposed to any desired key, resulting in more than 900 of total chords!
  • Excellent guitar sound bank (Ovation piezo sampled bank)
  • Additional Acoustic sound bank (selectable)
  • Only the best sounding chords are here

  • Every chord is provided with corresponding optimal fingerings for your comfort
  • "Open strings Lock" feature allows you to view only open string chords
  • Degree monitor shows scale degree of currently playing note
  • Transpose chords to any desired key by dragging notes on the screen with your finger
available ios

New Exotic Chords

Get ready for a second exciting Volume of a beautiful International Guitar Chords!

With these exotic chords your music will become more charming and interesting! This application will be useful as for beginners, so for professionals. We hope these chords will give you some esthetic pleasure!



Other features

  • Instant playback of selected chord with acoustic guitar sounds
  • Strum the strings with your finger to play the chord
  • Cursor can display note names or fingering (selectable)
  • Notes can display note names or fingering (selectable)
  • Sharp and flat signatures correspond to the current mode's key
  • Step by step note playback in both directions for detailed learning of modes
  • Manual note selection by tapping notes on the screen
  • Two guitar sound banks (Acoustic and Ovation Piezo) to select
  • Adjustable Reverb effect
  • Left handed view option (for lefties)
available ios


+399 #2 Fonexsis 2014-10-02 17:28
This vol.2 app contains chords with different fingerings, which are not included into Chords vol.1 app.
0 #1 Nestor 2014-07-27 22:03
Could U explain better what is new in this App? What kind of chords it included? Thanks

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