Key Features

  • Encyclopedia of 5,000 scales (incl. their conceptional variations): harmonic, melodic, diminished, hexatonic, whole tone, augmented, double harmonic, altered pentatonic, messiaen modes, indian raga & mela, arabic maqam
  • Introducing 60 different scale concepts!
  • Powerful Scale Selector feature represents over 26,000 interconnections between scales and chords
  • Each scale has up to 20 conceptional variations
  • Search scales that fit certain chords (Chords-Scales mode)
  • Search chords that fit certain scales (Scales-Chords mode)
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Largest World's Bible

In front of you the world’s largest bible of guitar scales and concepts from Fonexsis. This is something without which it can not do any one musician. Conceptual Guitar (CG) introduces the most employed concepts of scales and modes.

«Concept» is a variety of repetitive sets of notes on each of the six strings. For example, the 3-3 concept implies use of 3 notes on each of six strings; 2-2 concept - 2 notes on each of six strings; 1-2-3 concept implies 1 note on sixth string, 2 notes on fifth string, 3 notes on fourth string, then 1 note on third string, 2 notes on second string and 3 notes on the first string.

In this app you can see the Scales that play overs certain Chord, and Chords, which play over a certain Scale. CG will be useful for both theoreticians and musicians of all directions (classic, jazz, rock, metal, pop, folk). Typically, a professional guitarist uses a number of concepts of performing scales and modes in his creativity. Thanks to this app you will be able to choose the concept that is right for you, because there are 60 (!!!) different scale concepts presented here. All scales and modes are presented in diatonic, alt-diatonic and chromatic systems.


Other features

● Scales can be transposed in any desired key (about 60,000 total scales incl. transposition!)
● Favorites: create list of your favorite scales
● Preview and play degrees of selected scale
● Harmony feature: you can see and listen to the chords that fit currently selected Scale
● Two selectable guitar sound banks: acoustic and distortion
● Reverb effect, can be applied to guitar sounds
● 8 harmony sound timbres at your choice
● 3 harmony sound effect types
● Metronome with adjustable settings
● Pre-count for training
● Tip of the Day feature, that helps you learn about all useful features

available ios


+3 #2 Jorge 2018-05-04 16:38
Hey. Can you flip the fretboard as a left handed guitar?
+3 #1 Peter Lockyear 2018-02-23 18:10
Hi, I am wondering if this app will be available on Android any time soon. Looks amazing. Cheers Peter

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