Key Features

  • Library of 433 modes (harmonic, melodic, diminished, hexatonic, whole tone, augmented, double harmonic, altered pentatonic, messiaen modes), which can be transposed in any key (about 5,200 total modes incl. transposition!)
  • Easy visual representation of modes and scales
  • Theoretical and practical usage for any musical instrument
  • Accompaniment (Harmony) feature: you can see and listen to the chords, over which the current Mode or Scale can be played
  • Lock to Mode function. It enables you to play only those notes, which belong to currently selected Mode on the piano keyboard. This is useful to play a melody on keyboard or to quickly listen to selected Mode or Scale
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Piano Modes Station is a professional interactive collection for any music man. It gives you an excellent original material for improvisations* and solo. It is designed to explore the magic world of modes and scales for you on piano with ease and comfort! A great tool, not only for beginner pianists, but also for composers and teachers of music theory. This is a creative instrument for all music styles! It's a must have for every musician!!!

* For more info, enter "music improvisation" in your internet browser.

Other Features:

  • Play piano keyboard on the screen with your fingers
  • Piano keyboard is easily movable and resizable with your fingers
  • Six adjustable Harmony timbres and FX
  • Transpose to any desired key by tapping Transpose button (T) and dragging notes with your finger along the piano keyboard
  • Ability to change playback tempo for training
  • Ability to adjust a volume balance between accompaniment and piano sounds
  • Favorites system. You can mark your favorite modes and then access them from Mode Picker's "Favorites" folder
  • Note names are displayed inside the playback cursor
  • Sharps and flats signatures correspond to the current scale's key
  • Note degree feature allows to see current note's scale degree
  • Manual step by step note playback in both directions
  • Stereo high-quality sound engine for listening in headphones

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im so glad you have a guitar piano app dictionay hope you will add moure chord to it like youre interrnational guitar app's for the piano aap's version
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